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Delhi Public International School caters to all segments of Organization . While maintaining the highest standards and quality of education, It all started in the year 2007, when we launched Delhi Public International School Organization with a herculean task of giving a definite shape to our CMD's dream. Ever since then, we have spread our wings pan India with 280+ of Delhi Public Kids School, Delhi Public Secondary Schools, Delhi Public International School, Delhi Public Girls School. In Primary and Secondary segment, with 280 schools already in operation and many more in the making, Delhi Public International School Organization is rewriting the history of school education in India .Some of our spectacular schools are already in operation in India. With the motto " ENCOURAGING CHILDREN TO DEVELOP THERE POTENTIAL AS LIFE LONG LEARNERS a has pledged to provide the finest quality of education at affordable cost and create a society of progressively thinking individuals.


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Five Pillars of School Franchise in Pan India

Key benefits

How helps you Start Your Dream School & Established its Successfully

Benifite of Franchise

1. Recognized Brand
• Most futuristic high-tech school in India
• Pioneers in Digital Learning
• Different facilities under one roof –Digital maths lab, Language lab, Digital library, Biotechnology Lab, Fashion workshop, Smart class with SAS
2.Research-based Organization
• Established, owned, and managed by Qualified Educationists, Ph. Ds, and MBAs.
• Education scheme based on advanced and ongoing methods of teaching.
• The School Systems is build up after proper research of internationally recognized Educational Practices
• Developed our system best among all by learning from our experience.
• Aided by educationists of the R&D division in designing of syllabus
• Education system is continuously monitored and upgraded as per the changing trends in the education industry across the world.
3. Sure success and promising prospect:
We following a confirmed and well-tested Franchise success model
• All franchisees are supported by a successful support network.
• Requirement-specific support guarantees a higher level of success in the franchise sector in India.
• Increased awareness of parents about the importance to provide the best education to their children in the best schools.
• Increasing awareness of parents for providing the best education to children in branded school (which has lost franchisees) is ultimately beneficial for you.
• A franchisee venture of education is never got affected by variations in the economy as people never want to compromise on their children’s education.
4. Get support in the selection of sites.
• We provide you full support in Site Selection. Your site for school should be out of any kind of disagreement. This ensures the safety of your venture on the investment made by you.
5. Outstanding returns & satisfaction
• Royalty- value for money!
• License Fee includes all of the following projects Pre -Nursery-12th class Summer Camp & Activity center for the age group 2 to 12 years NTT (Pre Nursery Teacher Training) Optional (at a special price)


Q-1 - Is there any obligation to run a school by society or an individual can also do this?
Ans. - Yes, you should be running the school under a non-profit trust with a minimum of 2 members or a society with a minimum of 7 members.
Q-2 - Does a trust or society want to run the school also need to hold experience in the education field?
Ans. - No, you do not need to have prior experience because the same will be provided by our training and support programs.
Q-3 - I am already running a school but I wish to convert it into a Franchise to attain maximum benefits of your brand, system, etc. – is this possible?
Ans. Of course, this is really a rewarding decision that you want to come with a school franchise that has already become a brand in Indian Education Segment.
Q-4 – We have a shortage of funds. Will we get any kind of support regarding funds from your side?
Ans. No, we do not make available funding from our side. However, we have tie-ups with several financial institutions. The rate of interest will be decided by the financial agencies only.
Q-5- Let me know the investment amount.
It is decided by the potential area you have, the number of students you want to target, and the fee structure you have planned. On basis of your plan, we make a calculation that how much amount you would need to invest. You also have to invest a certain amount in advertising as well as for working capital for some years.
Q-6- What Franchise fee has to be paid? Is any part of the fee refundable?
Ans. The fee paid for the franchise is non-refundable and consists of 2 parts - an initial license fee and an ongoing royalty (which is a percentage of your revenue). The Franchise fee is non-refundable and consists of 2 parts – an initial license fee and an ongoing royalty (which is a percentage of your revenue).
Q-7- When a license fee is to be paid?
Ans. The fee is to be paid at the time of signing the agreement. The license fee is to be paid at the time of the signing of the agreement.
Q- 8 -Will the royalty be paid on revenue or net income? Also, let us know the frequency of payments
Ans. Royalty is to be paid on revenue and is paid to the Organization.
Q-9- What is a perfect location for School?
Ans. The branch can be set at any location which is easily accessible by students. Other criteria like visibility, neighborhood, lease rental to be paid (if leased), competition, etc. also equally affect the selection of location.
Q-11 How much and what type of space is required?
Ans. You can use Residential, Agricultural, Institutional or Commercial land if allowed by the local authority to begin the school.
Q-12, Is it compulsory that the land should be owned or we can use rented land?
Ans. There is no compulsion like that and you can also use leased land as well. However, the lease has to be irrevocable and for 30 years
Q-13. Would you provide us support in constructing the infrastructure such as building, etc.? Ans. We would make available architect plan and all construction work should be completed as per given specifications
Q-14. Do we require obtaining a license to run the school? How can our school get recognition from CBSE?
Ans. Yes, to run the school, you should have recognition from the state government and affiliation from CBSE. We may also guide you through the process.

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Franchise School

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Late. Dr.Purobi Dutta


We will provide the guidelines for the recruitment of the teachers and assist you in shortlisting the right candidate. We will also provide technical training meetings with principals and directors also assists in the recruitment of school staff at the same time we will provide on-call support to the school staff.

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Shri Subhash Chandra

National Coordinator

We will help you in promotional activities and will help you with techniques to advertise in social media and getting editorial advertisements.

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Shri Ravi Jaiswal

National Coordinator

The design of the logo for your school will be provided by us at the same time we will help you pamphlets, signboards, and banners. Printing of templates parent inquiry form, receipt books, admission forms, etc. and we will train you, teachers, with the admission process and child settlement techniques.

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Shri DV Rajagopal

National Coordinator

We will make you better in effective communication with the parents so they can admit the child to your institute. We will help you in the correct implementation of school franchise curriculum in a superior way.

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